Thursday, June 8, 2017

What is our Mission? Why do we LEAD?

As an association, we are focused on growing and developing positive sport experiences for our student-athletes.  It is our purpose to collaborate, create and enhance the opportunities we provide our school populations.  With the diversity in experiences, profiles, data, and perspectives we are redesigning the way we meet and collaborate so that we all may work smarter, not harder.  Our new format will allow more collaboration, consistent and correct access to data, records, and important information.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Spring Sport Athletes of the Year

We want to recognize our 5th Region Spring Sport Athletes of the Year!

Male - Jacob Cecil

Female - Kristen Sedlatschek

These two young student-athletes exemplify what it means to be a CHAMPION!

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

5th Region Winter Athletes of Year

Female Winter Athlete of the Year
Emily Kerr - Central Hardin High School
Girls Basketball

Male Winter Athlete of the Year
Christian Acevedo - Fort Knox High School

5th Region ADA meeting at Mordecai's on Main Agenda

a. Roll Call

II. Old Business
a. Minutes from February 22, 2017
b. Follow up on old business

III. New Business

a. Business Report – Bill Broaddus
b. Winter Student-Athletes of the Year – Emily Kerr of Central Hardin and Christian Acevedo of Fort Knox (Tim Deaton)
c. Recap of 5th Region Basketball Tournaments – J.C. Wright and Michael Holt 
d. Review of 5th Region AD twitter handle – David Dawson
e. Review of 5th Region AD blog spot – Joshua Whitehouse
f. AD Conference/KHSAA hot topics – Tim Davis
g. Baseball/Softball official recap – Glenn Spalding
h. Cheerleading – J.C. Wright 
i. Region Tennis Tournament – Mike McCune
j. Next Meeting –?
k. Motion to Adjourn