Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Next Meeting - Sept 27th in Etown @ Kentucky High School Basketball Hall of Fame

The meeting for September will be in Etown @ The Kentucky High School Basketball HOF 12noon
Please send agenda items to Joshua Whitehouse before the meeting date.   We appreciate everyone's effort in working toward new goals and visions for excellence in Athletics in the 5th Region.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Agenda - August 23rd, 207 @ Creekside Restaurant

  1. Welcome Back!
  2. Honoring Mike Ash
    1. Celebrate his contributions
    2. Share any stories to reflect on his work.
  3. Roll Call - Welcome new LEADERs
  4. Balance Report - Mr. Broaddus (Nelson Co.)
  5. Set Dues for 5th Region ADA Membership - Mr. Broaddus (NCHS)
  6. Our Mission -
    1.    The mission of the 5th Region Athletic Directors Association is to engage in leadership roles within the region to enhance the athletic experiences of all of student-athletes in all 5th Region schools.

  1. Blog Introduction - How does this help us grow?
    1. Visit it early and often
    2. Suggest - tools and information to support its use.
    3. All hands in - sharing the work and knowledge
  • Alone we are smart, Together we are Brilliant.

  1. Twitter - @5thRegionADs
    1. Thoughts on all having access to the Twitter handle.
  2. KHSAA Conference -
    1. Sign Up - Visit Blog for quick link
  3. Determine Next meeting date -
  4. Motion to adjourn